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GRAP LUVA - 7 Minutes of Sound - SP1200 Beats

| Wednesday, October 20, 2010
I've always wanted a SP1200, this video drives the lust even more, but I'm happy with my MPC 2000XL.

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K' said...

I regret not being that SP1200 back in the day. Now cats kill me talking about the current SP's like they are the old school joints, but madlib can do his thing on the new joints

Anonymous said...

...I know, the music comes from u. I'm inspired, and I'mma keep it real...I want a SP 1200, even if only for decoration. It's gotta be there, even if it don't work!

footnote: I did not know Grap Luva did that joint for Pete Rock on Soul Survivor. That's still my favorite to this day.

Eyesofphases said...

I can't recall if Grap says it in the interview but him and Pete are brothers