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Medal of Honor First Impressions (XBOX 360 Beta)

| Wednesday, July 21, 2010

DISCLAIMER: this review is for the beta of Model of Honor and it does not reflect the final product.

My first impressions of Medal of Honor for the Xbox 360 are good and bad. The beta was suppose to be released for the 360 almost a month ago. This raises the issue of proper game patches and downloadable content be release and if it is released will it be released on time. MOH is EA/Dice's version of Modern Warfare and I must say I love it. Anybody can pick up a controller and start playing Call of Duty but Medal of Honor and Battlefield Bad Company 2 takes actual skill and common sense. Moh has very good physics, I wished the controls were like Bad Company 2, but the controls mimic Call of Duty for example instead of RB to knife its the right analog stick in MOH. Unlike BC2, MOH implements kill streak rewards, and 3 player classes. Let it be known their are bugs in the beta, I've notice whenever I press the back button everything will freeze up. Like every first person shooter glitches and hacks happen, let's just hope with dedicated servers and support MOH will not run into those problems. Unless something really changes my mind, MOH will be purchased over Call of Duty Black Ops.


K' said...

Im loving the beta too but sissy isn't adjusting too good. Too much blacklight. LOL

Tiffluv said...

I can't get mine to download all the way, I'll send you a invite 6p your time if your online.

hl said...

Did I mention I need to buy an xbox?

Eyesofphases said...

Its a great time to do it, with prices dropping