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In Rotation (Blur Edition)

| Monday, June 7, 2010
Blessings good people sorry the resident asshole has been missing. Honestly I've been in the crib playing video games, its too damn hot outside to be doing anything else. I've been playing this nice little racing game called Blur and below there is some of the music I have been rocking to while crushing fools. So its time for a new game night lets play Blur or Red Dead Redemption get at me via email or via tweeter @costaof1081. Peace, enjoy the music.
Stevo - Alone in this World

Alone In This World
Shane Eli - Underground Charizma (Freestyle)

Digs Daily Leak #3 "Jussanother Fool"

EOP - Yella Feva

Yella Feva
Blackmilk - Don Cornelius
<a href="">Don Cornelius by Black Milk</a>
J-Zen - Iron Horse (feat. Substantial)
<a href="">Iron Horse (feat. Substantial) by Substantial</a>


Angie said...

Now I have to go buy Blur. Great racing playlist.

K' said...

Ok Stevo is Alone in his own world, while digs is just another fool around, Shane has underground charizma and EOP has yella fever. Grat way to plug the whole home team. I wish I did have Blur. Hint Hint

Supa said...

Just came from gamestop the wife is cracking blur open now.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're listening to some good music. I'm not just saying that because I made the cut, LOL! Many thanks, as always I'm humbled.

KidNice said...

As always much love the the 1081 family

Tiffluv said...

I think Im falling in love with Stevo, sing to me anytime

Gourmet Honey said...

I love all the music. Stevo we need a mixtape asap