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Max Ptah - Life, Love, Respect & Hip Hop

| Monday, June 22, 2009

Ptah has been putting it down in Hip Hop for a while. Of course virtually unknown, he first started out in high school producing beats for "The Team", which consisted of some of his classmates. Nothing ever becoming serious out of that he decided that Hip Hop was something he was going to get deeper in and he found it right in his own house with brother Voldo. Voldo had the flow the match anyone in the business and also had the production abilities to do it, too. Then the formation of Pirana University started and Voldo enlisted the help of Ptah and 8 other members to form Hip Hop's next great hope. Ptah worked as a recording engineer for New Jaxx Records while handling production for the Pirana University debut album "Operation Razorteeth". He got positive feedback from the album but due to egos, the classic album never got to see the light of day. While things didn't pan out the way he had hoped for and the demise and eventual break up of Pirana U., Ptah still had outlets to explore. He works close with Memphis's IMC and Tunnel Clones group. He's now producing and engineering for an artist from New York named Séance and is about to release the EP entitled "The Memphite Theology". Not the flashy emcee that is the trend now days, he prefers to let his beats and words grab the listeners instead of the braggadocio content that Hip Hop has come to embrace. Knowing that he can't save Hip Hop thanks to executives and corporate corruption, he only echo's the feelings of Phonte's (of Little Brother) statement: "All I have to offer the world are dope beats and lyrics. I can't be a robot or puppet in Hip Hop like many other artists have become. The culture is slowly but surely becoming superficial in a sense that if you are a tight artist or producer all around and have nothing to show for it, you are wack. If these record companies and radio stations get the green off of their minds and refocus on making music that people will talk about 10 years from now that would make that "I gotta get my one hit single out" nonexistent. People want longevity. Not someone exploiting the culture just to make a quick buck." With five more projects slated for release in 2006 (Séance's album "To Whom It May Concern", Rogue Squadron "Delta Quadrant Vol. 1", MaxAnonymous "Revenge of the Nice Guy" & "The Worldwide Network of Evil Monkeys" & his LP debut "The Ankh") its safe to say that Ptah's work is finally about to go noticed.



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